Webinar: Women Daring to Be Bold, Focused, and Resilient! 

“Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed,” the elders used to lament, meaning speak up. For us women, to realize our goals and aspirations, we must boldly show up, speak up, and be poised for success on our own merit. Recognize and accept the keys to who you are, your uniqueness, your fortitude, your vibrance, and your right to BE. Claim your power and your superpower. You are in the right place, the right time to realize your dream, speak your truth, make a positive difference for yourself and others. This webinar is inspiring, engaging, and provocative.



Nyah Lynn Edwards
Trainer & Consultant
Corporate Education Group

Nyah Lynn Edwards, trainer and consultant for Corporate Education Group, serves as an equity and 
inclusion professional and certified professional coach with an emphasis in leadership development. Her mission is to grow servant and  transformative leaders to meet the challenges and opportunities of today and prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. She brings more than 20 years of experience in  the field of human development capital, including serving in several key leadership roles in human resources.

Nyah is a leader in creating and implementing strategies addressing organizational and talent  development, facilitation, and training. She is passionate about cultivating and reviving the potential in every individual as they move along their personal and organizational growth continuum. She is strategically focused and people-centered, and committed to bringing the dynamics  of inclusion into the organization.

Nyah has worked with a variety of industries including education (K-12 and higher education), 
government (both city and federal), utility (gas, electric, and nuclear), healthcare, facility 
management, and construction to name a few. She has engaged in a vast number of diversity, equity, 
and inclusion (DE&I) projects and facilitated DE&I for thousands of leaders over the course of her  career. She is ranked amongst the top facilitators, if not the top, by participants who have  attended her sessions. Nyah uses facts, storytelling, experiential learning, and other theories to ensure transference of learning to the workplace. She is proficient in WebEx, Zoom and Google Meet.  She has delivered face-to face sessions to clients such as Sodexo, Ford Motor Company, Illinois Power, and numerous others.

Nyah holds an MS in organizational change and leadership, Pfeiffer University of Charlotte, North 
Carolina, and BS in management, University of Illinois, and Springfield. She is currently pursuing 
a doctorate in organizational leadership and development from Capella University, Minneapolis, MN. 
Nyah is a recipient of President Barack Obama’s 2017 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award.


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