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Spotlight Interview:
Find your Passion and Lead

Dr. Stephanie Renfrow
Founder and CEO of SRS Psychology, Inc.
Physician, Author, Inspirational Leader
Speaker Profile

Rachelle Ferrara
Vice President, Account Management, Modivcare
Past PWH Chair, Public Speaker, Leadership Advocate
Speaker Profile

During an intimate fireside chat with Rachelle Ferrara, Past Chair, Professional Women in Healthcare and Vice President, Account Management of Modivcare, Dr. Stephanie Renfrow shares insights on personal KPIs such as finding your passion and monetizing on it, staying present, leadership lessons for all career levels, and performance goals for aspiring leaders.

Dr. Renfrow also shares a sneak peek on the release of her new e-book “The Whole Child” and an upcoming documentary film about “Gifted Children”. As an innovator in the field of Behavioral Health, her words of wisdom are inspiring and worth getting excited about.

(Recorded at the SRS Psychology Inc. office located in Boca Raton, Florida on July 20, 2022)