Empowering Women
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PWH® is built upon a strong history of women leaders in the healthcare supply chain industry who continue to create a platform for progressive leadership and mentoring
for the next generation.

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Cultural Inclusion & Diversity

Creating a culturally inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace and industry is not only the right thing to do — it is pivotal in fostering greater creativity, innovation and connection to each other and within our workplaces, healthcare industry, and communities in which we live. 

Diversity celebrates the various dimensions of identity and experience that make us unique, while inclusion refers to the intentional act of leveraging diversity to reap the benefits of working together despite our differences. PWH is proud of the work our leaders and corporate partners are doing to create a culturally inclusive healthcare industry equally led by women. 

Our goal is to educate, advocate, empower, and provide resources and tools to collectively create and sustain an environment that is inclusive, equitable and diverse for everyone. 

The resources on this page will help you advance your knowledge, insight and advocacy of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) no matter where you are on the journey. 

Educational Webinars 

Upcoming Webinars

Women Daring to Be Bold, Focused and Resilient!

Wednesday, September 14  |  12:00 PM ET


On-Demand Webinars (Member Only Benefit)

  • Where do YOU fall on the INCLUSIVITY spectrum? (Recorded November 10, 2022) 
  • Women Empowering Women (Recorded August 18, 2022) 
  • The 5G Connection: Helping a Multigenerational Workforce Thrive (Recorded July 19, 2022) 
  • Breaking Through Barriers: Effective Ways to Competently & Confidently Create Workplace Equity for All | Catalyst

How do you get involved?

Join us in our efforts to increase awareness, education and actionable initiatives in the diversity and inclusion space throughout our communities, the corporate world and beyond.  

Two subcommittees work collectively together to support PWH committees and overall mission & vision.

Education & Awareness, Special Projects 

Provides strategic direction on DE&I educational webinars, programing, resources & tools. Research emerging topics and trends, contribute newsletter article content, collaborate with other committees on DE&I needs & drive awareness and advocacy with PWH members, corporate partners and industry. 

Technology & Communication

Provides strategic direction on communication and technology platforms. Identify and recommend educational campaigns on social media and PWH website. Oversee messaging across our resources for PWH members, corporate partners and the healthcare industry.

We want to hear from you. Let us know what topics you want to learn more about or tools and resources we can provide to help you advance your awareness and advocacy of DE&I.