Empowering Women
to Lead and Succeed

PWH® is built upon a strong history of women leaders in the healthcare supply chain industry who continue to create a platform for progressive leadership and mentoring
for the next generation.

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PWH Board & Committee Roster

Executive Committee

Chair - Vicky Lyle
Chair-Elect - Allison Therwhanger
Past Chair - Rachelle Ferrara
Treasurer - Ashleigh McLaughlin
Secretary - Heather Davis

Corporate Partner Committee

Chair - Laura Reline
Vice Chair C-Suite Relations - Jennifer Ramthun
Vice Chair Partner Optimization - Jennifer O’Reilly
Vice Chair Manufacturer Engagement - Tina Richter
Vice Chair Provider Engagement - Rebecca Benga
Vice Chair GPO Engagement - Carmel Veron
Vice Chair Distribution Engagement - Kimberly Courteau

Cultural Inclusion & Diversity Committee

Chair - Dr. Danni Green
Vice Chair Diversity & Inclusion - Enid Oquendo

Leadership Summitt Committee

Chair - April Shomper
Vice Chair Content - Ashley Miller
Vice Chair Hospitality - Erin Hyatt
Marketing Liaison - Natalie Martin

Marketing Committee

Chair - Natalie Martin
Vice Chair PWH Marketing - Beth Clifford
Vice Chair Content - Krisy Spairana
Vice Chair Social Media - Maxine Milazzo

Membership Committee

Chair - Jessica Wells
Vice Chair New Member Recruitment & Onboarding - Amber Alexander
Vice Chair Member Engagement - Katarina Ivkovic
Vice Chair Networking Events - Geri Lamano

Mentoring Committee

Chair - Khaki Weber
Vice Chair Mentor Support - OPEN
Vice Chair Mentee Support - OPEN

Professional Development Committee

Chair - Tania Steinbruegge
Vice Chair Webinars - Missy Simons
Vice Chair Education & Innovation - Jessica Lucio

Strategic Oversight Committee

Chair - Sue Hulsmeyer
Vice Chair Organizational Leadership Development - Brooke Elliott
Vice Chair Committee Liaison - Amy Swift

Technology Committee

Chair - Eryn Marx