Top Habits to Live the Healthy Life You Want

| Eryn Marx

While many of us wait until New Year’s or a birthday rolls around to make significant changes, there’s really no time like the present to implement change. Anytime is a perfect time to start fresh.


Whether you’re looking to amplify your current routines or acquire some new ones, NuEdge Alliance offers some excellent tips on a few simple habits that can make a difference in your life.

Get Outside

The term “sunny disposition” is more than just a phrase. Researchers have found that people have improved moods during seasons with more sunshine. Sunshine is not only great to gain a little color and improve our psyche, but it’s essential to our physical health, as vitamin D can help to improve sleep as well. Serotonin works with melatonin to provide our bodies with effective sleep cycles, and exposing yourself to more sunshine during the day can help you get higher quality zzz’s at night.

Vitamin D has also been linked to osteoporosis and rickets, so sunshine is more than just a mood booster — it can keep us healthy and strong to better enjoy our time while we’re here.

Local Groceries

The term “shop local” has been gaining momentum, but doing so has more to offer than simply funneling money into the local economy. While that is important for small businesses to thrive, shopping at a local health food store or market is great for individuals as well.

Making an effort to shop nearby is great for your well-being in that it increases feelings of connection to our communities. Getting to know your local farmers and developing relationships is not only good for the soul — it’s more fun as well. Knowing that we’re doing our part to spend our money in places where we can see where it’s going offers a more personal reward than simply ordering groceries online, and it also helps small businesses survive during harder times.

Further, vegetables and fruits at local farmers’ markets are often fresher than in large chain stores and are sold in significantly less packaging as well, making it better for the environment, too.


You’ve likely been hearing a lot about self-care lately, and for good reason. It’s incredibly easy to neglect ourselves when we’re continuously bombarded with pressing outside expectations like our job, our spouses, our children, and more.

Taking time out to look after ourselves is critical to our mental wellbeing and physical health. Learning how to emotionally support ourselves in healthy ways — like saying no when we need a day off or taking a sick day to recover from an illness — is not only good for ourselves — it’s good for others as well.

Taking vacation time is also essential, and checking out fun cities or being a tourist in your own city can offer new perspectives and experiences. Whether it’s a getaway to Chicago for a long weekend, or staying close to home in another part of Nashville, there’s something out there for everyone. Remember, we can’t be the best employee, mother, friend, or wife if we don’t fill up our own tanks first.

Self-care also comes down to appearance. Looking nice may sound superficial, but putting on a nice outfit or comfortable basics that feel great can do more for our mood than you may believe. There is power in the idea of “dressing for the job you want,” and it doesn’t apply exclusively to the professional realm.

A Final Thought

Implementing new habits can feel like a drag, but when they’re easy and attainable, they can be fun and exciting. Picking out a new reusable grocery bag might make you more excited to walk to your local market, or a new pair of fashionable sweatpants could inspire you to dress up just for yourself while working from home. Whatever it takes to put that spring back in your step, remember: you’re worth the effort.