Planning your Relocation with Maximum Efficiency

| Kim Thomas

If you're anticipating a career-related relocation, you'll definitely need a pre-move checklist to help ensure you're thinking through each step of the moving process. This will help reduce stress and keep you more organized.

Relocation Packages

Many employers will offer new hires assistance with their relocation. This could be all-inclusive, including having a company come in to pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack, or a stipend to help offset the cost of making a move yourself. Some large companies also provide transitional housing for their new hires, so you have the opportunity to get settled into a location without making a commitment to buying a house or renting space until you're familiar with your new community. Make sure you find out everything that you're eligible for before you start planning.

Planning for Your New Home

You'll definitely need to scope out the area before buying or renting a property. Not only do you want a safe neighborhood with the potential to increase in value, if you have kids, you’ll want to be in an area that has a highly rated school district, and you may also want to be within fairly close proximity to your new job location. A qualified real estate agent can help you narrow the focus based on your budget, your family's needs, and your preferences. Getting pre-approved for a loan in advance of looking can be beneficial. If you’re searching in the Nashville, TN area, anticipate housing costs being about $235 per square foot, and rental properties averaging about $1,500 per month.

Organizing Your Move

You want to time the move as well as possible, working backward from your start date at your new job. Create a moving binder with key dates and “to do” lists and resources. According to HGTV, pack your household according to room and label everything so you'll be able to locate the items quickly once you're getting settled. Make special accommodations for kids and pets, particularly if you're packing over a period of time or taking several days to travel to your new destination. Dividing larger tasks into smaller tasks makes it easier to manage things in a few days or hours. Prioritization can also help you stay focused.

Prepping to Move

If you already have a new home picked out, make sure you have measurements in hand, as it may impact what belongings you decide to bring with you. For example, if you're downsizing, you may want to sell large furniture and other household items you no longer want or need. You may also opt to pack everything and put some things in storage in your new city. If you're moving from a small space to a larger one, you may actually need to purchase additional home goods. According to, weigh whether it makes more sense to pay to move items, or sell what you have and buy replacements in your new city.

Get Several Moving Estimates

You want to ensure that you get an in-home written estimate from at least three moving companies before deciding on one. You’ll also want a firm timetable about when your belongings will arrive, and what types of protection they provide against damage. It may be wise to keep delicate, valuable, or sentimental items with you and transport them yourself to protect against breakage or loss. Likewise, keep personal items - like medications and electronics, and important documents - with you so you can locate them right away if necessary. For example, these might include printed health and school records, your rental and moving agreement, or home purchase docs.

Moving to a new location and accepting a new job all at the same time can be exhilarating and potentially stressful. Utilize healthy self-care during this process for the whole family, including sleeping well, eating nutritious meals, and getting enough physical exercise.

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