Professional Development: A Step Closer to the Finish Line According to Dave Myers, Executive Vice President & Chief Customer Officer for Concordance Healthcare Solutions, by Enid Oquendo

11/22/2016 12:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Part II.

Just when we think we know a lot about our career, think again, there is always something new to learn in our industry. 


7. STEP 4- Promote Leadership Coaching

  • Key elements of leadership coaching:
  • Clearly identify what success looks like
  • Define some ways to measure progress and ultimate success
  • Publicly declare and invite others to keep you accountable in the process
  • Define and seek successful conditions
  • Identify potential barriers and develop strategies to overcome
  • Learn from success and set-backs EQUALLY

Leadership Coaching –

               Organization Benefits:

Benefits to the organization:

  • Improved bottom-line results
  • Effective successions
  • Valued leaders retained
  • Improved morale
  • Enhanced leadership accountability
  • Increasing overall leadership capacity


Leaders benefit at every level:

  • Emerging Leaders or High Value Talent- helping them prepare for the leadership role.
  • Developing or Mid-Level Leaders- helping them meet challenges in their current leadership positions.
  • Strategic or Executive Leaders- helping them successfully deal with significant organizational challenges.


Note:     What do we do when the organization doesn’t have a strong leadership development plan, or maybe you don’t have a boss who’s developing you?   Set your own goals for your career path…


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Finishing Personal Thoughts:

Mentors come in all types!

My Favorite Teacher- My Favorite Coach- My Best Friend- A Family Member- My daughter-My Son- My Co-worker

Find a Mentor:

  • Who you look up to in your personal and professional career
  • What inspires you?  Who inspires you?
  • How my teacher, favorite coach, my best friend or a family member has changed my life….

Family = Balance...You Must Have It!

Be a Mentor or Coach for Youth

Maintain and Grow your Friendships

Stay Competitive and Push Yourself... "I can swim across that lake!"

As long as we believe in something so much that you actually have a passion for it, the leadway will always be there.  Practice the key points mentioned on this article, envision yourself doing it, focus and work hard.  The fun has just begun from this point forward.