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PWH® is built upon a strong history of women leaders in the healthcare supply chain industry who continue to create a platform for progressive leadership and mentoring for the next generation.



The Power of Profitable Conversations: Leadership

AmyK Hutchens
Speaker, Author, Trainer, Business Strategist

In this compelling and energetic keynote, leaders will be inspired and equipped to raise the performance & productivity levels in themselves and with their teams - one profitable conversation at a time.

AmyK knows the secrets leaders keep – what makes their stomachs turn, their palms sweat, the thoughts that cause them to toss & turn at 3am and the conversations they have to turn it all around and create BIG WINS. AmyK shares practical tools for choosing and crafting conversations that fuel top performers and drive better behaviors. From mindset and motivation to navigating change and conquering our biggest challenges, the most brilliant leaders understand how our conversations can 3X our profitable results... both personally & professionally.

Connecting to Life Through F.U.N

Paul Long
Speaker, Author, Educator

What’s GOOD?! How do today’s best companies accelerate business results? By engaging their employees, celebrating all that’s GOOD and creating a culture of experience that inspires their workforce to create joy, FUN and fulfillment. What is the next step in becoming an employer of choice and creating this type of culture for your organization?

Paul J Long travels the world delivering high-content keynotes and training to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and trade associations. His engaging, inspirational and unbridled energetic style is unlike any speaker you’ve experienced before.

Gender Partnership: Turning an "Aha!" Moment into Action
Mike Kaufmann & Rachelle Ferrara

During this fireside chat with Cardinal Health CEO Mike Kaufmann, Rachelle Ferrara, Vice President, Account Management, ModivCare, will touch on topics ranging from how the business case is evolving, the importance of engaging men and the impact of COVID-19 on women in the workforce to how to make sustainable progress.

Mike Kaufmann
Chief Executive Officer, Cardinal Health

A passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, Mike cosponsors the Cardinal Health Diversity and Inclusion Council that brings forward perspectives and cultivates real change through connection, listening and action. He also created the African American and Black Racial Equity Cabinet that serves as advisors on racial equity issues. Previously, he served as executive sponsor of the Cardinal Health Women’s Initiative Network, an employee resource group fostering a culture of partnership that makes Cardinal Health a place where women want to work and grow their careers. His support of women leaders in healthcare earned him recognition from both the Healthcare Business Women’s Association and the Institute for Women’s Leadership.

Rachelle Ferrara
Vice President, Account Management, ModivCare

Rachelle is a seasoned leader and Corporate Accounts Executive with over 20 years of expertise in the healthcare industry. Dedicated to achieving an industry equally led by women and men, she has been a passionate member of PWH for more than 13 years. In 2016, Rachelle was awarded the privilege to attend The FORTUNE Most Powerful Women NEXT GEN Executive Program. During her tenure as PWH Chair, she launched the Associate Member Program, creating opportunities for men to join as members, supporting the organization’s Diversity and Inclusion goals, as well as its overall Gender Partnership initiatives.

Be InspiRED - American Heart Association


 Erin Hyatt, Moderator Stevi Carr Tonia Elrod
 WISe Wellness Guild
Procter & Gamble

Missy Ford
Dr. Odayme Quesada
The Women's Heart Center
at the Christ Hospital
American Heart Association

Leadership Insights


Jennifer Anderson
Christine Arme Brad Connett
3M Healthcare Business Group
 Henry Schein
Chris Moreland
Scott Quilty
 Lindsey Sheeran
Moreland Accord
Enclara Pharmacia
 Mayo Clinic
Nancy Wobig
 Mayo Clinic

Breakout Session Speaker Line-Up

 Brian Burkhart
 AmyK Hutchens
 Jan Lehman
 Speaker, Author, Trainer
 CTC Productivity

Breakout Session: Leading and Learning in the Real World

A Conversation with Healthcare Industry Leaders

This session will reveal relevant insights and perspectives from accomplished executives in healthcare. Reflecting on their own successes and failures, our panelists will share valuable lessons that have shaped their leadership journey. You will gain a wealth of advice, guidance and cautions based on their actual experiences. A robust Q&A exchange at the end of the session will allow for more targeted takeaways.


 Matt Rowan, Moderator  Pam Daigle
Joan Eliasek
 HIDA  Premier  McKesson

  Lisa Hohman
Jon Wells
Midmark Corporation

Breakout Session: Tech Talk - Now What?

Technology has become part of our everyday lives, and this is no different in the healthcare industry. During this Tech Talk session, panelists will discuss technology innovation and how it affects both the patient and healthcare infrastructure. What does blockchain mean, and what is AI all about? It is more important than ever to stay protected against data breaches and stay current with the latest technological trends to better serve those around you.  You’ll walk away from this session a bit more confident to “Talk Tech.”


 Vicky Lyle, Moderator Jan Beery Edward Bukstel
 Owens & Minor
 KBK Communications
Clinical Blockchain

Leigh Williams  
 Augusta Health

Looking Back, Moving Forward

What advice would you give your younger self? How do you effectively navigate your career within your organization? Get impactful insights from four leaders in our industry who will answer these questions and more as they look back at their leadership journeys and share what they learned along the way. Learn how to represent yourself, engage and be heard in the room.

Moderator, John Pritchard
Elizabeth Day-Curi
Sue Hulsmeyer
Share Moving Media
 Midmark Corporation


Cris Pellegrino

 Margaret Steele

Metrex Research, LLC


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